• The Raven On The Jetty | Fiction 88 Minutes | 2013 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • THE SILENT ACCOMPLICE | Fiction 74 minutes | 2010 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • Vainilla Chip | Documentary 17 Minutes | 2009 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • Veil | Visual Theatre Performance with Horse & Bamboo Theatre | 2008 | Film Components Directed By Erik Knudsen
  • Heart Of Gold | Documentary 40 Minutes | 2006 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • Sea Of Madness | Fiction 86 Minutes | 2006 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • The Yoruba Tree | Documentary 6 Minutes | 2005 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • A Dog's Farewell To His Master | Documentary 11 Minutes | 2004 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • Brannigan's March | Fiction 99 Minutes | 2004 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • Bed Of Flowers | Documentary 50 Minutes | 2001 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • Signs Of Life | Fiction 70 Minutes | 1999 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • Reunion | Documentary 50 Minutes | 1995 | A Film By Erik Knudsen
  • One Day Tafo | Documentary 70 Minutes | 1990 | A Film By Erik Knudsen

One Day films Limited is a small independent film production and distribution company based in Todmorden, just north of Manchester in the United Kingdom. The company is currently primarily engaged with the production of work by Erik Knudsen, but has active plans to develop a range of work by other filmmakers. The work of One Day Films revolves around quality, innovative and thought-provoking independent feature and short films and documentaries for the discerning viewer and the films often explore spiritual and transcendental perspectives on our contemporary lives, developing evocative approaches to an intimate cinema, within the broad scope of World Cinema. Find out more in About Us.

Movie poster for The Raven On The JettyNEW FILM, The Raven On The Jetty, is currently being entered into film festivals worldwide. Follow progress on our BLOG. Erik Knudsen’s latest feature film is predominantly set in the English Lake District, where it was shot during the spring of 2013. It is anticipated that the film will premiere at a number of international film festivals from early 2014 and will then be available in a worldwide release on a variety of platforms from April 2015. Keep in touch with the project through our BLOG, our Facebook Page and through Twitter.

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