The Raven On The Jetty Production Scrapbook and DVD for the Film

This is a unique book in which the story of The Raven On The Jetty is told scene by scene with parts of the director’s personal storyboard and notes, production stills of the behind the scenes activities during shooting and stills from the film. Also included, is the complete screenplay and credits of the film, as well as a DVD of the complete film. The book consists of 156 colour pages in 200 x 250 mm hardback.

There are two versions of the book available: A Hand Signed and Numbered Limited Edition by the writer and director, Erik Knudsen in 100 copies only; or the Regular Unsigned and Unnumbered version of the book. The limited edition version sells for £49.50 (or equivalent in other available currencies) and the regular version sells for £39.50 (or equivalent in available other currencies).