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Erik Knudsen’s Feature Film Cleft Lip Now In Production

Principal photography of Erik Knudsen’s new feature film, Cleft Lip, starring Reece Douglas and co starring Miranda Benjamin and Keith French, started on the 13th January 2017. [vimeo id=”199867723″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”] Shooting is going very well and is on schedule. To keep up with developments, visit our Facebook page or Twitter.  

The Raven On The Jetty Vlog 20: Stills Photographer Profile

We were very pleased that stills photographer, Richard Mulhearn, was able to join the production and take photographs of the process. In this latest Vlog, Richard talks about his work as a photographer and also discusses what was involved in taking photographs for The Raven On The Jetty. From the album covers of the 1990s, […]

The Raven On The Jetty Vlog 19: Final Days of Principal Photography

This Vlog documents the final days of principal photography on my forthcoming feature film, The Raven On The Jetty. This was an amazing shoot on so many levels, made possible by a wonderful cast, dedicated crew and warm help from very many people in Cumbria. The footage is looking great and the editing has started. […]

The Raven On The Jetty Vlogs 17 & 18: Shooting Continues

Sound is a very important part of The Raven On The Jetty, hence the importance of having the sonic artist, Amanda Belantara, as our sound recordist. During shooting, not only did Amanda record any dialogue and direct action sounds, she also took the opportunity to record an array of ambient sounds with a number of […]

The Raven On The Jetty Vlogs 15 & 16: Shooting With Birds And On Water

They say that one should avoid shooting a film involving animals and children. We have done both to great effect. First of all, our 10 year old star, Connor O’Hara, was a dream to work with. So the myth about the difficulty of working with kids was completely dispelled. Secondly, we had a number of […]

The Raven On The Jetty Vlogs 13 and 14: Shooting Commences

In the first of a series of Vlogs about the shooting of Erik Knudsen’s feature film, The Raven On The Jetty, the following two Vlogs cover the eve of the first day of principal photography and the first couple of days of shooting. The first couple of days were particularly hard as everyone was getting […]

Principal Photography of The Raven On The Jetty Completed!

We have just completed the principal photography for The Raven On The Jetty. An extraordinary experience! We were blessed with good fortune and the contributions of all those who have helped us in Cumbria has been incredible. The cast and crew were brilliant. We all more or less lived together for two weeks and the working […]

The Raven On The Jetty Vlog 12

On the eve of moving the production team to the Lake district for two weeks of principal photography on Erik Knudsen’s forthcoming feature film, The Raven On The Jetty, this Vlog shows Erik Knudsen and Mark Duggan discussing some of the final preparations for the shoot. Including our final pre shoot cast meeting, setting some […]

The Raven On The Jetty Vlog 11

We are only days away from the principal photography of our new feature film, The Raven On The Jetty. While logistics and locations are in place, sometimes changes take place, even at a late stage. You may remember from an earlier Vlog a discussion about a jetty location for the film. A few weeks ago, […]

Raven On The Jetty Vlog 7 & 8

Art Director, Madeleine Millar, and Assistant Art Director, Taddeus Walsh, are busy preparing sets, props and costumes for The Raven On The Jetty. In the following two Vlogs, we see them at work and talking to Mark Duggan about what needs to be done in preparation for the shoot. Madeleine also talks about some of […]