Story Lab Cuba

‘The Universe is made of stories, not atoms’. (Muriel Rukeyser)

Facilitated by: Erik Knudsen.
Location: Escuela International de Cine y Television, San Antonio de los Baños, Havana, Cuba.

Workshop participants came from all over Latin America and beyond, and the stories developed were exciting and evocative. During 2017, Erik Knudsen ran a StoryLab Research Network project that took place in Malaysia, Ghana and Colombia. In many ways, the StoryLab Cuba Workshops have been a precursor to these new workshops which we hope will develop across the world. The workshop content and approach are underpinned by the content of Erik Knudsen’s book, Finding The Personal Voice In Filmmaking (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

StoryLab Cuba 2018 Participants.

The workshop takes place in beautiful surroundings only 40 minutes drive from Havana, Cuba. The all inclusive environment of one of the top film schools in the world provides a creative sanctuary for education, training and creative development. BOOKING AVAILABLE.

StoryLab Cuba 2016 Participants.

‘Every picture tells a story’. So the saying goes. Whether it be Einstein telling a story in order to explain his theory of gravity, an African elder teaching children about the history of their people, Brazilian miners sitting in a bar reflecting on a day’s work, young Chinese men and women expressing their feelings around their love lives, or doting British parents teaching their children about the challenges of life ahead. It seems impossible for us to make sense of anything, to engage with anything – whether these ‘anythings’ be facts, feelings or mysteries – unless it is through story.!

StoryLab Cuba 2015 Participants
StoryLab Cuba 2015 Participants.

The ubiquitous nature of story means that we are all actually storytellers, employing various narrative forms depending on context, expressive tools and objectives. The computer game, the poem, the annual accounts, the documentary film, the mathematical formula, the archeological exhibition, the sociology lecture, the theatre performance, the business plan and the conversation are a few examples of the numerous narrative forms which all have the one quality in common: they are telling us a story. It is therefore critical for anyone wishing to articulate themselves that they understand what story is, how to work with it and what it means to be a creative storyteller.!

Story Lab Cuba 2014 Participants
Story Lab Cuba 2014 Participants on an evening out.

Starting from the premise that everything starts with feelings, this workshop will explore the nature of creativity and story with the particular objective of creating moving image narratives. You will explore creative thinking in imagery, unlock creative potential, articulate creative vision and develop the ability to tell engaging stories with images and sounds. You will then develop particular stories and, as one of the unique qualities of this course, you will write a complete treatment or screenplay that tells a story that you feel is necessary to share.