Story Lab and A Dance In Time Lab

At Chateau de Millemont Erik Knudsen, in collaboration with Paul Clarke, a board member of One Day Films, are contributing to the formative work of a newly established Dance in Time project – a 30 year project based at Millemont just outside Paris, France, using the forest space as an investigative environment to examine the relationship between people, place and planet.

ADITLab (A Dance in Time Lab) is a living, learning laboratory. A place for research and experimentation in the fields of education, environment and socio-cultural change. The project focuses on creative programs that support people to live meaningful lives in service to themselves, their communities and the world. The project is particularly interested in listening to this emerging ecosystem in education and helping to make it more visible, interconnected and effective. This is done through the development of tools, media, hosted conversations and convergences: Erik Knudsen is contributing to one such event taking place on the 7th to 9th July 2015.

Chateau de Millemont

The project is cultivating a network of change agents who are dedicated to sharing nutrients and information in order to learn and create together. While it is constantly growing its web, efforts are ongoing to focus attention into concrete ways of making visible and amplifying the capacities of this network of change agents.

The ADITLab workshop taking place at Millemont in July 2015 is led by Paul Clarke, who is working with a group of Australian head teachers visiting Europe. During the tour, these participants have journeyed along an ‘edge’ and visited sites that are less well trodden by the tourists and visitors to the UK. Purposefully places have been selected which provide interesting alternative insights and contrasts with modern life, from the Neolithic sites on Orkney to the Western wilderness edge of Scotland, through the re-imagined urban underbelly of cities such as Glasgow, Birmingham, Bath and London, where the creative zeal of people and nature continue to guide and inform despite the juggernaut of progressive consumerism. Some members of the group work within extremely remote communities, places which have histories that stretch back for more than 60,000 years of continuous human presence on the land. Their narrative of sustainable and ecologically sound presence is remarkable, yet almost entirely neglected amidst the modern Western paradigm. Participants on the tour are working within these communities. They all have considerable expertise and knowledge of these communities, but very few of them come from the communities themselves.

Erik Knudsen will be contributing to a free flowing engagement with story and narrative and their relationship to the objectives of the ADITLab.