Cuba In Waiting

Cowboy on horseback, San Antonio de los Baños, CubaEveryone is waiting for change. Though there is genuine reverence for the king-like figure of Fidel Castro and his revolutionary achievements, everyone is nevertheless waiting… This collection of photographs is part of a series of photographs which has emerged from Erik Knudsen looking at this ‘Cuba In Waiting’ over the past 3 or 4 years.  Taken mainly in Havana Province, he has waited for moments and fragments of stories to present themselves to him and has tried to capture these moments as a reflection of his feelings about Cuba. BUY BOOK.



Doubt Photographic Essay by Erik Knudsen

Doubt is a photographic and film project exploring faith and creativity through feelings of doubt in the context of a society that on the surface seems increasingly secular and certainly more materialistic. Using notes from 30 years of notebooks, recent photographs and a revisiting of previous film work through the creation of a a Essay FilmErik Knudsen explores the very deepest motivations for wanting to create and grow.


Farewell Papa Fidel

In this short photographic essay, Erik Knudsen’s compliments his Cuba In Waiting photographic essay with a depiction of the public memorial service held following the death of Fidel Castro in November 2016. It was fortuitous for Erik Knudsen’s to be in Cuba at that time and here he brings closure to one long chapter in his relationship to Cuba.


From The Photo Archive

A ghost in HavanaA random and ever-changing small selection from Erik Knudsen’s photographic archive.