The Raven On The Jetty

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Fiction: 88 minutes. 2014. In the midst of separation, one boy’s silent longing has the power to change everything.

On his 9th birthday, Thomas travels with his mother to visit his estranged father who, since an acrimonious divorce, has abandoned urban living in favour of an isolated rural life in the English Lake District. The bitter separation of his parents is not something Thomas understands, nor does he understand his own dysfunctional behaviour as a silent cry for help. As a digital native city boy, Thomas’s encounter with the natural world, and his gradual understanding of the pivotal connection he provides for his, ultimately, lonely parents, leads to realisation and discovery. There are things his parents don’t know about each other that only he can reveal. Perhaps  he has the power and the means to change everything.

The Raven On The Jetty Scrapbook and DVD Front Cover

The Raven On The Jetty Production Scrapbook and DVD

The entire production process has been documented in a series of Vlogs, which can be seen here:

Raven Vlog 30 - Preview Screening

Raven Vlog 29 - Final Thoughts Part 2

Raven Vlog 28 - Final Thoughts Part 1

Raven Vlog 27 - Sound Dubbing

Raven Vlog 26 - The First Cinema Test Screening

Raven Vlog 25 - Colour Grading The Film

Raven Vlog 24 - Stuart Samuels Talks Special Effects and Titling

Raven Vlog 23 - Erik Knudsen Talks About The Art Of Editing

Raven Vlog 22 - Erik Knudsen Talks About Using Final Cut Pro X

Raven Vlog 21 - Mark Duggan Talks To Contributing Animators

Raven Vlog 20 - Photographer, Richard Mulhearn, On His Contribution

Raven Vlog 19 - Final Day Of Principal Photography

Raven Vlog 18 - Shooting On Morecambe Pier

Raven Vlog 17 - Sound Recordist, Amanda Belantara, At Work

Raven Vlog 16 - The Role Of Budgies In The Film

Raven Vlog 15 - The Raven In The Film

Raven Vlog 14 - The First Day Of Shooting

Raven Vlog 13 - A Ritual On The Eve Of Shooting

Raven Vlog 12 - Final Preparations For The Shoot

Raven Vlog 11 - Changing A Key Location

Raven Vlog 10 - The Storyboarding Process

Raven Vlog 9 - The Cast Costume Session

Raven Vlog 8 - Art Department Preparations

Raven Vlog 7 - Art Department Visit Key Locations

Raven Vlog 6 - The Challenges Of Focus Pulling

Raven Vlog 5 - Sound Designers Talk About Their Work

Raven Vlog 4 - The Casting Process

Raven Vlog 3 - Location Scouting at Morecambe Bay

Raven Vlog 2 - Location Scouting In 'The Lakes'

Raven Vlog 1 - Influences On The Film