Bed of Flowers

Documentary: 50 minutes. 2001. Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company‘s visual theatre in development.

Bed of flowers is an evocative and contemplative documentary revealing the inspiring experience involved in the creation of a unique theatre production. Depicting the creation of the Lancashire (UK) based Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company’s production of their show, The Girl Who Cut Flowers, Bed of Flowers gives us an in-depth insight into the creative process of mask and puppetry work.

Without the use of dialogue, imaginative lighting, full masks and puppets, combined with specially composed music, are harnessed to tell the story of an adolescent girl going through a major transition and transformation in her life. This girl encounters a mysterious goat, itself in transition, and their encounter and confrontation proves the catalyst for discovery. Much of the imagery of the theatre production has been inspired by the work of the Anglo-Portuguese artist, Paula Rego.

Bed of Flower’s uncompromising visual style and approach, complements and enhances the experience of the process of making the show, as well as seamlessly integrating process and product.