Stuart Samuels

Stuart Samuels

Stuart Samuels is a multi-media practitioner and lecturer of film at the Confetti Media Group in Nottingham, UK. He grew up in Burnley, Lancashire and studied at Blackburn Media Centre before relocating to the midlands to study Film & Video at the University of Derby. After graduating with a BA Hons he made a number of works including large-scale video installations before turning his attention to music.

As a songwriter and guitarist Stuart worked with a number of musicians and toured the UK and Europe for a number of years, released an album and a collection of singles before eventually being drawn back to filmmaking while producing videos with friend Mark Duggan for the band You Animals.

More recently Stuart has worked on a range of productions in many different roles including special effects for a Nike ad campaign, animations for designer clothing brand Elvis Jesus, title design for the short film Doormen and graphic design for the upcoming feature The Hooligan Factory.

Stuart is currently finishing writing a short story “Bruises For Kisses and Death to Those Unlucky Enough To Fall In Love” as well as filming the short A Day in the Strife while working on special effects for an upcoming music video for the band Crushing Blows.

Stuart will be doing all the special effects for The Raven On The Jetty.