Paul Clarke

Dr Paul Clarke is Professor of Education at St.Mary’s University College, London, and Director of Sustainable Leadership at Mott MacDonald / Cambridge Education.
Paul is a co-director and founder of the Pop-Up-Foundation. This initiative encompasses a portfolio of projects (Pop-Up-Farm, Pop-Up-Coffee, Pop-Up-Orchard, Pop-Up-Power) which distill ideas and action around core sustainability challenges of energy, water, waste, food, well-being and buildings and disperse them worldwide. Schools, communities and organisations adopt the core challenges and develop activities, enterprise and new insights around these themes, and in so doing take practical understanding and solutions to sustainability into the heart of their daily lives. The findings from this work is now being used to formulate a pedagogy for sustainable living. A consistent theme of Paul’s work in this field over the past two decades has been the desire to establish tools and methods for sustainable living that are cheap, easy and accessible for everyone, suitable for small-scale application but carry systemic potential, and are compatible with the need for human creativity.
Paul has published widely in journals and periodicals, is the author of two established blog-based websites and  His latest book Education for Sustainability: Becoming Naturally Smart (2012) is an international bestseller.