Mark Duggan

The Director of the film The Rabbit, Mark Duggan

Mark is an independent filmmaker based in Greater Manchester. He gained his BA (Hons) in Film & Media Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University (2006) and MA in Fiction Film Production from the University of Salford (2007).

In 2008 he began lecturing in Creative Media Production at Burton and South Derbyshire College and has since taught filmmaking at Bradford College, Brooksby Melton College, Clarendon Sixth Form College and the University of Worcester.

Whether working on a short film or a music video, Mark is interested in creating work of a highly personal nature. His films often deal with the building and/or breaking down of a relationship and revolve around universal themes of longing and heartbreak: Wa/onder, Over and New are examples of this.

In May 2015 he won the Five Lamps Films 24 Hour Film Challenge (Derby Film Festival) with his short, Cuddling A Monster, and the film was subsequently screened before features such as The Dark Knight Rises at the Summer Nights Film Festival (Midlands, UK).

Mark first worked with One Day Films as the Assistant Director on The Raven On The Jetty (2013) and, as a result of that successful collaboration, was subsequently invited back to direct The Rabbit (short film, 2015) for the production company. Cleft Lip will be Mark’s second feature film credit under Erik Knudsen’s direction.

Recent Shorts:

Wa/onder (2015), Over (2015), The Rabbit (2015), New (2015), Cuddling A Monster (2015), Turning (2014), Round In Circles (2014), Windowpane (2014).

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