Madeleine Millar

Madeleine Millar is an art director and costume designer based in Leeds in the United Kingdom. She has been involved with three of Erik Knudsen’s films – Sea of Madness,Heart of Gold and The Silent Accomplice. Her contributions to these films has ranged from a tiny gold nugget to Production and Costume Designer, Art Director and props maker. Madeleine has extensive experience as a Theatre and Opera Designer; she is currently designing for the productions ‘Susannah’ at Hampstead Garden Opera and ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘The Crysalids’ and ‘The Insect Play’ for York Theatre Royal Youth Theatre. She also works regularly as a Costume Designer for TV and Film, including four series of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. Short award winning films she has production designed include ‘Goodbye Mr Snuggles’ and ‘Private Life’. Madeleine will be working as the Arts Director on Erik Knudsen’s film, The Raven On The Jetty.