Janet Knudsen

Janet first became involved in Film Making in the early 1980s whilst doing her Bachelor of Education Degree at Bath. She did some theoretical Film Studies as part of the modular degree, but it was when she was involved in making herfirst student short film that she became hooked!

After a couple of years teaching in London she took off abroad. There followed a couple of years in Asia teaching and travelling. She then moved on to Africa. It was in Kenya that she next had the opportunity to become involved in Film Making. Janet spent two more years in Africa, teaching and, whenever possible, working on the films which were increasingly turning to countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe for spectacular locations.

In 1988, Janet returned to England with the intention of entering the UK Film Industry as a Producer – she was full of ambition and proceeded to make contacts in the business.

By late 1988 Janet had met Erik Knudsen and agreed to work with him on One Day Tafo– a 70 minute creative documentary to be set in England, Denmark and Ghana – her knowledge of working in Africa would be very useful.

In 1989, Erik and Janet married. They have continued to co-produce films since then. These have included Reunion, 1995, Signs of Life, 1999, Brannigan’s March, 2004, Sea of Madness, 2006, The Silent Accomplice, 2010 and The Raven On The Jetty, 2015.