Amy Fallon

Amy’s life revolves around her love of music and cinema. When not at college pursuing a career in special effects and 3d animation, she enjoys drumming and travelling with her sister. They like going to gigs and events, and often find themselves meeting famous actors and musicians along the way.

Amy has a passion for movies, particularly the work of Martin Scorsese’s. Robert De Nero is also a great inspiration of hers and some of her favourite films include This Boy’s Life and Taxi Driver when Scorsese.

Amy is currently busy working on multimedia and photography projects at college and she is saving all the money she can get hold of to fund the mini-adventures she and her sister, Kate, tend to embark on. She feels that one of the best aspects of being a twin is having the freedom to go places with someone who has the same streak of adventure and the same motivation to do the same things as herself.