The Rabbit

We’re pleased to have committed to the production of the short film, The Rabbit, Written and Executive Produced by Erik Knudsen and to be Produced and Directed by Mark Duggan. Mark will be the first Director commission by One Day Films to produce a film that has not been Written and Directed by Erik Knudsen and we look forward to an exciting adventure.

The Director of the film The Rabbit, Mark Duggan
Producer and Director, Mark Duggan

The Rabbit is the story of a young couple travelling home from visiting the woman’s parents one moon lit night. They were due to have made an important announcement about a significant event in their lives, but somehow things are not working out as they had planned. This is a a road movie pregnant with the tensions around a challenged relationship.

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Mark Duggan’s earlier work often revolves around relationships and longing and The Rabbit is a story that lends itself well to these interests. We therefore look forward to seeing the results and engaging in the development, production and distribution of the film. Mark and his team plan to produce regular Vlogs about the making of the film and progress can be followed at Mark Duggan Films.