Fielden Project Research

In collaboration with a number of artists based in the Calder Valley, in particular Todmorden in West Yorkshire, including photographer Richard Mulhearn, who did the stills photography for The Raven On The Jetty, I am embarking on the preparation for a photographic exhibition. The exhibition is taking place at the Unitarian Church in Todmorden in May 2014 and will involve the works of 8 or so artists, ranging from photography to sculpture. It’s an impromptu project for which we have sought no funding: we want to be free to do whatever we want without having to justify anything to anyone. Almost.

I’m particularly interested in experimenting with different ways of exhibiting photographs and have decided to work with photographs from my ongoing photographic project Doubt. I feel the themes of this project tie in very nicely with the setting of a deconsecrated church. The large scale photographs will be mounted on the marble pillars and will be printed in such a way where they are part of the marble pillars’ texture. I’m also working on some text that will accompany each photograph on the pillars. The twelve pillars will enable me to create an overall narrative as someone walks into the church; a narrative that I hope will immediately evoke feelings around the themes I hope will permeate the work.

Unitarian Church Todmorden

This narrative can then be explored in more detail as the spectator walks into the church, where they’ll also have a chance to engage with some of the text, which reveal themselves as they move through the space. There will be other works of art in the space, of course, not least people inspired sculptures that will be created by Laura Davies and Eleanor Mulhearn. Hopefully, all the works will interact with each other to create an overall experience that belongs to this space, its history and the people in it, contemporaneously. Early days yet. More to come on this.