Cuba in Waiting: A photographic Essay

Erik Knudsen’s new book, Cuba in Waiting: A Photographic Essay, has just been published and is available in a number of online outlets, such as Amazon. This photographic essay is the result of endless wanderings around Havana province in Cuba between 2009 and 2013.

Cuba in Waiting: A Photographic Essay book cover

‘I was first invited to Cuba by a well known British film producer who thought I should experience Cuba before Fidel Castro died. This invitation was extended to me in 1998. Some 15 years later, Fidel Castro is very much still alive, even if he has passed power to his slightly younger brother, Raul, and Cuba remains almost as it was when I first went. After my first few visits, I started to feel a sadness. A sadness for a repressed people; a sadness for a people whose creativity and ingenuity was being denied expression; a sadness for a people who have so many natural and human resources yet are shockingly poor, despite being one of the most highly educated people in the world. Everyone is waiting for change. Though there is genuine reverence for the king-like figure of Fidel Castro and his revolutionary achievements, everyone is nevertheless waiting…

‘This collection of photographs is part of a series of photographs which has emerged from my looking at this ‘Cuba In Waiting’ over the past 3 or 4 years.  Taken mainly in Havana Province, I have waited for moments and fragments of stories to present themselves to me and have tried to capture these moments as a reflection of my feelings about Cuba.’