The Raven On The Jetty Vlog 22: Editing Part 1

In the first of two Vlogs about the editing process, Erik Knudsen talks about the tools he is using for the editing of The Raven On The Jetty and how these tools allow him to work creatively with the material he has before him.

In particular, he discusses Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X software which had a controversial release some 18 months ago. It was decided early on to move to a new editing platform and Erik discusses why he was keen to adopt Final Cut Pro X as the base editing programme for The Raven On The Jetty. It is a piece of software that marks a significant shift in the way editors have worked with non linear editing platforms and challenges some of the assumptions some editors make about how an editing system should work:

In the next Vlog, Erik Knudsen will talk more about the creative side of the editing of The Raven On The Jetty.