The Raven On The Jetty Vlog 19: Final Days of Principal Photography

This Vlog documents the final days of principal photography on my forthcoming feature film, The Raven On The Jetty. This was an amazing shoot on so many levels, made possible by a wonderful cast, dedicated crew and warm help from very many people in Cumbria. The footage is looking great and the editing has started.

This new stage of the project is so different, involves a whole new set of people and requires a different set of skills. Over the coming months, I will be working closely with Mark Duggan, who is assisting with the editing, Janet Knudsen, who is starting to get festival materials together, Stuart Samuels, who will be doing the effects for the film, Michael Cacioppo Belantara, who is doing the post-production sound design, and John Wood who is doing the final sound dubbing of the film. Of course, a number of services and distribution services will then follow on from that. (Making a feature film really is a long process…)

There will be more Vlogs and Blogs to document the next stages in the process, so please stay tuned.