What’s In A Name? The Raven On The Jetty

Titles are one of the things I find most difficult. I either have one that comes straight into my mind before I start work on a project, and it’s just right, or I struggle… As it happens, my original working title for the new film project I’m working on was The Day Thomas Learned To Speak. I have now changed it to The Raven On The Jetty. The original title was distracting in that it was emphasising something I don’t really want to emphasise in the film. The new title, however, is as a result of getting more into my story. The more I get into my story, the more of a mystery it becomes. Nature is a mystery, particularly birds. Birds – and ravens, of course – are going to be a motif in the film.

(Talking about ravens, I came across a fantastic photo book by Fukase entitled The Solitude of Ravens. It is amazing how Fukase has used photographs of ravens to reflect his inner state of mind. Photography at its best.)

It’s still early days. I start research leave from the University of Salford on the 1 September, at which point I look forward to delving into my scriptwriting and research full time. In about two weeks I make my first research trip up to the Lake District to look at some possible locations. Locations for me are very evocative and help my writing immensely. Already I’ve been doing some desk location research and came up with a couple of shots that kind of encapsulate some of the things I’m looking for.

Derwent Water in the Lake District

I have a very important scene happening by a jetty and on the water involving my main character seeing his father in a way that he has never seen him before. Another location I am looking for is a forest:

A deciduous forest

Thomas’ father has abandoned urban living and one of the locations I also have to find is a place that he would be living. Some initial ideas came to mind for me to look at:

A remote farmhouse in the Lake District

I shall come back and talk more about places and story, my story in particular, and share my own actual photographs and reflections on particular locations.