Creative Documentary: Theory and Practice

The book, Creative Documentary: Theory and Practice, which I co-authored with Wilma de Jong and Jerry Rothwell has finally been published by Pearson Education through their imprint, Longman. This is a very comprehensive and thought-provoking book about the practice of making documentary films and I hope that anyone interested in making documentaries, or simply interested in the making of documentaries, will find it useful. It’s available now through good bookshops like Amazon.

The cover for Creative Documentary

“A wide-ranging, illuminating and comprehensive book. Simultaneously both very practical and deeply thought-provoking , it is an indispensable guide for people wanting to make their own documentaries.” – Dr Tony Dowmunt, Goldsmiths, University of London

” … with an informed awareness of the implications of digital developments, this is an important pragmatic and conceptual guide for new documentary makers, especially those aspiring to a critical and reflexive engagement with the genre” – Dr Cahal McLaughlin, University of Ulster

“A brilliantly useful and comprehensive book that takes you through the A to Z of documentary filming. Read it, digest it, take what is useful and go and make a brilliant film!” – Nick Broomfield, documentary filmmaker