Visual Theatre: 99 minutes. An ecvocative theatre show about twins separated in Iraq.

Veil is an epic and ambitious stage production created for Horse+Bamboo’s 30th year of touring theatre.

Veil is a story of two young women who are brutally separated at birth, but are drawn inexorably back towards one another. The story is set in both colonial and present day Iraq which provides an undercurrent to a powerful, atmospheric story of secrecy, visions and violence.

Veil is a complex, intense and multi-layered journey recounted using Horse+Bamboo’s unique mix of absorbing, original and startling visual theatre techniques.

Veil is a vivid tale of mystery, concealment, revelation – and provides a new and human perspective on the involvement of the West in Middle Eastern affairs. Veil is a powerful, disturbing, thought-provoking and richly evocative piece of theatre.